Opal Sash Cremation Ceramic Jewelry Earrings 14k Gold Studded

Opal Sash Cremation Ceramic Jewelry Earrings 14k Gold Studded

Studded earrings inlaid with cremation ashes and crushed opal. Ceramic earrings come in either black or white.  We can do all jewelry with or without ashes! OPAL COLOR:Cremation Creations is the only ring maker in the USA to carry all 91 colors of opal. If you wish for your jewelry piece to be a different color, just make a note at checkout.CUSTOMIZATION:All jewelry is custom made, one at a time. If you leave a cell phone number in the personalization area and on the baggies of ashes, it will allow us to send a text with pictures as we make the earrings. This gives real-time results and the ability to change something on the fly if needed.HOW TO SHIP ASHES:https://www.cremationcreations.net/shipping-instructionsLEAD TIME:Please allow 3 to 7 working days after we've received the ashes for your order to ship.
    80$ Giá thông thường
    29$Giá bán rẻ


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